Assignment 2: Fast Food Throwdown
Due and Presented on Friday Sept 18th

Fast food plays a major role in many adolescent and young adult meal plans. In this exercise, you will use internet resources to pick a meal package from any fast food restaurant, evaluate it, and post your findings to your Class WikiSpace site.

Your WikiSpace post must include the following items and will be graded accordingly:

Title (pick your own) and Author (you)
Introduce the project, your fast food meal choice (including drinks) and which company it comes from. Include at least 2 graphics: a picture of the meal, and the logo of the fast food company)
Breakdown of the nutrition info provided by the company.
To get credit, this must be presented in chart format. See example from class.

In paragraph form, discuss the findings of the nutrition information. relationship of calories and fat. How many calories are in the meal? How many come from fat? What percentage is this? How many grams of protein are in the meal? How many carbohydrates are in this meal? How much of the carbohydrates are dietary fiber?
Using internet sources, find out how much and what type of exercise would need to be completed by an average sized person to burn off the calories consumed in this meal. For example: 2 hrs of running at 6 miles per hour or 4 hours of brisk walking at 15 minutes/mile, or 5 hrs of gardening, etc.
Reflection: Is this an appropriate sized meal for an average person? What changes could be made to this meal to make it healthier?
Conclusion or summary
Resource List: to include those you used as well as two other helpful sites related to your topic (may be websites, blogs, podcasts

WikiSpace Set-up

1. Type in the website info as follows:
2. Click "join" on the upper right hand side of the screen and follow the instructions to join.
3. Find the Assignments page, read and understand Assignment 1.
4. Click on the tab; Fast Food Throwdown, and create a new page (using the tab on the top left hand corner) and use your name as the title. This will be your set up page for the first throwdown.

Assignment 1E-mail the instructor: with the following information: 1) Full Name, 2) Class name/period, 3) Contact information for you and your parents/guardians to include your home address; names, relationships (ie. parent, step-parent, grandparent, etc.) and phone numbers of parents/guardians. 4) Your home phone number if different, your cell number if you have it.