For my fast food project, I picked Dairy Queen as my restaurant. The meal that I chose to eat is a four piece chicken strip country basket with gravy, chili cheese fries, a medium oreo cookie blizzard, and a medium dr. pepper to drink.



Chicken Strip Basket:
Chili Cheese Fries:
Oreo Cookie Blizzard:
Medium Dr. Pepper:
The Whole Package:

What I found out about this meal was that whole thing contains 2,970 calories, with 1,130 of the calories coming from fat. Then, it also has 126 grams total fat, along with 36 g of saturated fat, and 2 g of trans fat. Adding to that with 210 mg of cholesterol and 5,245 mg of sodium. The meal also contains 335 g of total carbs, 15 g from dietary fiber, and 140 g coming from sugars. Lastly, it has 74 g of protein, and it's made up of 49% vitamin A, 2% vitamin C, 73% calcium, and 75% iron. This meal definitely has a lot of calories, and I found it interesting how the chili cheese fries itself have almost as much calories as the chicken strip basket. What really surprised me though, was the amount of sodium the whole meal contained! It has A TON of sodium for just one person to consume.

Some different types of exercise an average person can do to burn off the calories in this meal are:
-Running at 5-6 mph for 30 minutes can help lose 300-350 calories
-Stair climbing for 30 minutes can help lose 200-250 calories
-Brisk walking for 30 minutes can help lose 150-180 calories
-Swimming laps for 45 minutes can help lose 350-400 calories
-Stationary biking for 45 minutes can help lose 250-350 calories

I wouldn't recommend this meal for everyone, because you definitely consume a lot more calories than the body is required per day. Some changes that could be made to this meal to make it healthier, would be possibly leaving out the order of chili cheese fries, and replacing the dr. pepper with water. You can also substitute the oreo blizzard with a different dessert that maybe has some fruit in it.

This meal isn't the best choice for people who are trying to lose weight, or maintain it, because all the calories and fats add up into your body, unless you really keep fit and exercise frequently. However, DQ also has salads and wraps if people want to eat something healthy, yet still good.

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